Our designers

The possibilities for production of various sizes and shapes of composite lanterns as well as the extremely wide color range make our lamps as unique as our customers are.

Our designers can choose for you both original colors for the inner and outer surface of the lamps and draw on them the desired pattern. We can also develop for our customers a specific shape or size of lighting fixture to suit your needs or taste.



Jagodinka Lazarova

Artist, designer, sculpture.

It is a challenge to decorate lighting with different technological techniques. As a professional ceramic artist and esthete, I have an experimental and curious temperament which is embedded in the light.

I am happy to work for Clients who want a non-standard and unique light for...

Joanna Karatzaneva

Life can be beautiful and colorful, filled with endless love. I respect nature and its power. I live by its laws. 
I love animals. They are love. I am everything because I can. 
I know and I want to know more and more. Nature is source of inspiration!